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This galaxy, Poseidon Galaxy, was created by Poseidon. Please do not edit it

The Poseidon Galaxy is a 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 Light Years Away from Earth. Some Where in the Galaxy lies Kavan System which has three Earth Like planets, two Uninhabitable Rock Planets and one Gas Giant.


  • Name: Kavanar
  • Size: Super Giant
  • Colour: Blue
  • Age: 16 Billion Earth Years



  • Prime Race: Lumosians, Humaniod-like beings that emit visible light from their bodies.
  • Distance from Star: 98 Million Kilometres
  • Atmosphere: Oxegen
  • Age: 2 Billion Earth Years


  • Prime Race: Fungisapiens, Beings that consist of Fungi.
  • Distance from Star: 120 Million Kilometres
  • Atmosphere: Oxegen
  • Age: 3 Billion Earth Years


  • Prime Race: Sumblivan, Avian-Humanoid beings.
  • Distance from Star: 158 Million Kilometres
  • Atmosphere: Oxegen
  • Age: 1.9 Billion Earth Years


  • Type of Planet: Metal/Iron, Uninhabitable
  • Distance from Star: 204 Million Kilometres
  • Atmosphere: Carbon Dioxide (Poisonous)
  • Age: 1 Billion Earth Years


  • Type of Planet: Rock, Uninhabitable
  • Distance from Star: 307 Million Kilometres
  • Atmosphere: None (Its an Earth Size asteriod in the Kavan Asteriod Belt)
  • Age: 600 Million Earth Years


  • Type of Planet: Gas Giant
  • Distance from Star 998 Million Kilometres
  • Colour: Purple
  • Age: 4 Billion Earth Years

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