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The Trism Galaxy is a galaxy in the Windindi series, it is told to be on the opposite side of where the Milky Way is, and posesses a Colar System, only having 5 planets, one been blown up, the others remain. Out of the 5 planets, 4 had life.

Planets in Colar System


  • Age: 2930 Years old
  • Moons: 9

Tabboluukkuu (Destroyed in 1791 Earth period, Year 7702)

  • Race: Tabblin (Alive)
  • Status: Destroyed
  • Age: 7702 Years old
  • Moons: 3


  • Race: Milans (Alive)
  • Status: Living
  • Age: 8015 Years old
  • Moons: 3

Gorsihtain Midos

  • Race: Gorhins (Alive)
  • Status: Living (Endagered)
  • Age: 8015 Years old
  • Moons: 6


  • Race: Birdsmen (Alive)
  • Status: Living
  • Age: 8015 Years old
  • Moons: 110



  • Age: 9006 Years old
  • Status: Alive

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