In the begining of the 25th century,the Federation has almost no enmies-The Borg are still recovering,the Dominion have lost all their power,the Romulans are neutral towards the Federation.Starfleet has discovered ways to go milions of light years in just a couple of hours....

""This is Picard of the Enterprise.All ships,stand by to jump to slipstream"".""All ships are responding"".""I am getting to old for this...engage"".

The USS Enterprise,USS Titan,USS Excalibur and USS Voyager are headed towards Andromeda,our neighbor galaxy.They are send along with 20 smaller ships and shuttelcraft for explore the edges of the galaxy.They have arived.""Full stop".""Begin all scans of the area...take us to that star system,bearing 33 mark 145.""

The fleet went into the system.The scans showed and M class and L class planet,and no other ships.""USS Voyager,this is Picard.Admiral Janeway,you and Titan away team will beam down to the M class planet,while we conduct and investigation of the nebula .6 light years away"".""This is Janeway.Why do i have the feling i got the harder job""?Both of them laughed.

The away team found some caverns.They send 10 people in them.The Enterprise picked up and abandoned station near the edge of the nebula.""Captain,2 vessels are de-cloacking of the port bow"".""WHAT????""

Torpedoes went towards the Enterprise.""Red alrert.Raise shields.Hail them"".THe first 2 torpedoes struck them.""Shields down to 78%"".""No responce from the alien vessel""."Take us to the away team.Tell them that a vesses is attacking us and we need asistance.Taget the vessel""

The away team found resistance as well.2 meter high aliens were attacking them.""Janeway to Voyager,beam us up"".Voyager and Titan are under attack as well.All the ships fought the 5 alien ships attacking them.""This is Janeway.We will go while or slipstream is intact and get help from Starfleet".Voyager went out of andromeda towards the Milky Way.

Meanwhile,the others beat the aliens,but their warp an dslipstream drives are down....


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